End of the Year

I’m hereby declaring victory over the semester. Unlike Shawn, I lack a direct entitlement to do this, but I fear I’ll never have the opportunity if I don’t seize it now. In fact, I’ll be working on finishing up several papers over the course of the summer. I’m in the middle of a paper for Kieran about silencing, and more generally the issue of whether reasons ever change their valence between situations. After that, there will be other papers which I won’t enumerate.

At the moment, I still don’t know what I’d like to focus on. To illustrate the range of topics I’m still actively interested in, I’ll merely cite ethics and the philosophy of Carnap. Perhaps having wrestled with a few paper ideas, I’ll be in a better place to decide by the end of the summer. If all goes well, I’ll start preparing for a prospectus (dissertation proposal) in the spring of next year.


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