Bill is Still Classy

See, Bill, when you downplay Obama’s South Carolina victory by comparing it to Jesse Jackson’s 1988 victory, YOU are the one playing the race card. When you accuse your opponent of having a plan to play the race card from the beginning, THAT is playing the race card.

I looked at the memo that Bill mentions (if there are others, no one knows about them) and it says nothing of the sort–they do collect racially charged Clinton camp quotations, ranging from the seriously offensive, like Cuomo’s statement that you can’t “shuck and jive” in New Hampshire to really stupid things like mentioning Obama’s decades old drug use (I don’t think that history should matter, but I didn’t see the racial element).

Off to go vote in an hour.

Did Bill deny ever saying it one day after the initial comments.  Yes.  Did I listen to audio of him saying it? Yes.  That’s really astonishing.


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