I just found the GreaterGreater Washington blog Wednesday via a post on why skybridges are a really daft idea. There’s a streetbridge over Forbes near campus, and predictably it’s awful trying to cross in that area. The Washington blog piqued my interest, since I believe that:

  • Urban planning is really important
  • It’s also fascinating
  • I know diddlyshit about it (like, I ain’t even read Jane Jacobs–though I have Le Corbusier sitting around for some dystopian fun).

Does anyone know about anything similar for the Pittsburgh area? Sadly, I suspect that there isn’t anything that focuses on urban development. Perhaps that’s just because there isn’t enough development to write about.


One response to “Skybridges

  1. About skybridges, I’ll quote Thoreau and say, “Simplify, simplify.”