Everytime I think I understand the state of the democratic primary, something new comes up to prove that I haven’t been paying enough attention. Right now, it’s the fact that Obama got more delegates in Iowa than we’d previously projected. Apparently the mysteries of caucuses mean that we only had projected delegates until now. Questions I don’t know the answer to: How many states will this affect? Will it generally tend to favor Obama or Clinton? My sense is that even the people who get paid for this stuff don’t know either. So this just adds to our overall level of uncertainty.


2 responses to “Confused

  1. Robert Rickover

    Obama needs Clinton, Clinton needs Obama

    If Clinton and Obama want to behave responsibly to make sure one of them actually makes it to the White House, they both need to stop flinging dirt at each other. Here’s the way to make that happen:

    Both publicly pledge that if are nominated for President, the other candidate will be their first choice for the Vice Presidential spot.

    This immediately puts a stop to personal attacks or calling their rival’s ability into question – you don’t dis you choice for second-in-command.

    They can and should debate the issues and clarify their differences. But they are now free to direct their shared anger and outrage where it belongs, at Bush’s policies, and at the policies of the man endorsed by Bush.

    For either Obama or Clinton to win this fall, he or she needs to lead a unified party. And this requires the enthusiastic support of the other.

    Clinton needs Obama, Obama needs Clinton. That’s just the way it is.

    Obama-Clinton, Clinton-Obama – either “dream team” is McCain’s worst nightmare. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama can make that nightmare a reality for him now.

  2. It seems like almost nobody knows how this works. Even the talking heads on the 24 hour news channels do not seem to know. I guess the main trouble is that each state has its own rules and methods.