Ezra Klein was wondering which magazines are best to read. Sign me up for the list of people who are bothered by the Economist’s mix of editorializing and reporting–it can be useful, but I can rarely tell whether a confident assertion is based on discernable facts or mere opinion. Here’s a guide to reading the economist–note that you’re still left with a lot of material if you follow the instructions. I really like the New Yorker, which is the only magazine I can claim to subscribe to (Vogue and Vanity Fair come to the apartment, but they’re really Miss Lady’s thing even if they’re good to read). Almost anytime I read stuff from The Atlantic, it’s good enough to warrant a subscription.

I read a lot of people praising N+1, but I’m not sure where to find a single copy in Pittsburgh, and I’m hesitant to subscribe without reading anything from it (I now see there’s content available online, but not the article everyone recommended). Meanwhile, either the New York or London Review of Books would be great aspirational reading.

What’re your top three? The recommendations of friends are worth more than random ones from the nets.


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  1. N+1 is indeed all that. I seem to recall Caliban Books on South Craig Street selling them.