New Yorker Advertisements

1-2 Banana Republic
2-4 Louis Vuitton
5-6 Prada
7-8 Saks Fifth Ave
9-10 Giorgio Armani
11-12 Renaissance Hotels & Resorts
13 The New Yorker Conference
14 Dillards
15 Table of Contents
16 Jil Sander

Did the New Yorker always have so many ads? There is also an 8 page set of heavy paper Disney Parks advertising insert in the middle of the magazine.

It strikes me that the ads more brashly consumerist than they were when I read the New Yorker as a teen–if there’s a distinction between the types of advertising that get aimed at people with a lot of money. Perhaps my memory deceives me about this, however.  I’ll also note that my favorite manufacturer of $100 ties has an advertisement.  I therefore feel very much at home browsing the magazine at my kitchen table.

So this post has substance, I’ll link to this here article on the death of the newspaper, since I suspect many of the same dynamics are at work.


One response to “New Yorker Advertisements

  1. I noticed the same thing in the most recent New Yorker. And, what’s with the Disney ads? Whoopie Goldberg as Genie? Really? Jessica Biel as Pocahontas?

    Hurts the brain, it does.