Wasted Money

Barack Obama is proposing budget cuts, which has offended many ordinary tax and spending liberals…oh, that’s an advertisement on conservative websites? I forgot that it doesn’t count as spending if it’s on the military, and that it’s just peachy to run up enormous deficits meddling in other countries.

There’s actually an ok criticism noted at Redstate, which notes that fissile material would include peaceful production of fuel for nuclear reactors. It’s definitely a blunder, but obviously not representative of his policy–the nuclear proliferation section of his website mentions nothing about stopping the production of fuel, and includes plans for disposing of spent fuel from nuclear power-plants, which suggests they might still be running. I suspect the video will continue to make the rounds, but the fuel issue is the perfect combination of wonky and stupid that will appeal to no one.

Update: Shawn sent me a piece on the staggering costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It includes a few comparisons of what that money could be spent on. I think this is a continuation of an analysis that has been out there, but it’s a good reality check.

One response to “Wasted Money

  1. I fantasize about the politician who would publicly say that we ought to reduce the military budget.