Lunar Eclipse!

There’s going to be the last full lunar eclipse for a couple of years today, starting at 8:43 PM EST (I’m not sure where that time refers to–or even whether location matters for the time of onset). The mid-point is at 10:26 PM, so that’s a long window of time in which to observe.  I’ve never managed to see an eclipse before, and I’m definitely going to take a look at this one, even though it’s slated to be ridiculously cold tonight.  I’ve got my space-man coat.


4 responses to “Lunar Eclipse!

  1. Aren’t you guys getting snow all day? I’m pretty much assuming it’ll be cloudy here tonight, though I can always hope otherwise.

  2. There is an observatory up the hill from our apartment but it is cloudy and rainy so we will miss the eclipse! ARGH!

  3. It’s been a weird mixture of snowy but not cloudy today–as we came home, there was pretty thick snow, but half the sky was bright. No idea what it’s like now.

  4. Also, hi Jeanine!