Sartorial Mores

Several academic bloggers are really irked about Erik Jensen’s call for better attire among the professoriat. They’re annoyed because it’s a really stupid article. Brad DeLong has the best reaction: he analyzes the effect of wearing a tie on different audiences. Tyler Cowen has remarks about dressing up as a form of signaling as well. My personal theory is that wearing a tie is probably a good thing for the people who think it is a good thing. If you’ve internalized the norms to the extent that you feel slovenly without your tie, you should wear it.

Me? I’m busy browsing expensive ties on the internet. There’s a $54 banana republic tie that I like, but that’s the cheap one. Moving into $100 territory, I think my favorites are the Ermenegildo Zegnas. Needless to say, I wear a tie perhaps twice a year (and I’m a grad student, so $100 is a lot of money).

This guy reversed his decision to support Clinton and endorsed Obama. But what I’m really struck by is that he’s wearing a nice tie.



One response to “Sartorial Mores

  1. For those who have no clue, it must be said that JHB used to wear many aesthetically pleasing and relatively costly ties on a frequent basis when a debater in HS, so he knows how to pick ties and has a rack full that his father would be willing to sell, trade, or donate to appropriately appreciative users if JHB wanted to get rid of them.