One Hundred Years

One of John McCain’s biggest weaknesses is that he doesn’t have much to talk about, except general militarism, insane Iraq-based militarism, and a vague sense that he’s an honest guy.

The problem is that this leaves McCain spending a lot of time talking about the subject where the Democrats have a big advantage. It’s true that the quasi-success of the surge has gotten Iraq off of people’s minds. It’s not as often in the news, it’s not what people are talking about. That’s good for the republicans, because it’s a bad topic for them. But with John McCain as the nominee, it’s unsustainable. They’ll have to go out and make a case for the impossible.

It turns out that I’ve never shared one of McCain’s best moments on the subject of Iraq. So here it is:

Look at the guy in front and to the left of McCain. Feel his incredulity as it changes to horror, as his mouth gapes open. Note that this man is attending a Republican town hall meeting. McCain has the sense to talk about how we should stay in Iraq for a hundred years while US Troops aren’t getting killed. That’s better than a hundred-year war, but it’s not as good as US troops not getting killed and a pony! Cut away the hypotheticals that will never come to pass, and McCain’s vision has us just staying in Iraq.


2 responses to “One Hundred Years

  1. Frankly, if I were the DNC, I would be using surrogates to spread this McCain quote far and wide. The way to beat McCain (even with Clinton as the nominee) is to paint him essentially as an aloof, militaristic, hold-over from the Bush administration.

  2. Hell, it’s the sort of thing where you don’t have to appeal to surrogates. What’re they gonna say: “it’s unfair for you to quote our candidate?”

    I’ll be disappointed if this clip doesn’t get good airtime between now and November.