Axe! For Douchebags!

I’m not convinced this “axeeffect” poster for Obama is particularly sexist. I should note that it has no association with the Obama campaign, so if you hate it, hate some anonymous schmuck.

You could have an entirely reversed ad in which some product got Obama down on his knee proposing to Hillary and it could be funny. The advertising motif of “this will make the opposite gender act like complete idiots for you” goes both ways. Actually, in this ad, Hillary isn’t doing anything demeaning–wearing the button is pretty understated (compare it to actual ads done by axe, and the contrast is stark). There are weird associations, because the press has been engaged in an often sexist dance around the gender issue–think of the cleavage discussion six months ago. Still, merely triggering associations isn’t yet sexism.

Anyway, this is all just a prologue to sharing a really great video. Because what we can all agree on is how horrible axe is.


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