Web Design

This isn’t a subject that I know about (I switched from blogger to wordpress because wordpress looked good without me having to think), but:

  1. The wordpress extension thingy or whatever called “Snap” is antithetical to all good things in this world. Whenever you mouse over a link in a blog with Snap, it pops up a tiny preview of the webpage that is linked to. Tiny, as in too tiny to read or do anything with. Pop-up as in the good old days before pop-up blockers, when the internet blew. I’m genuinely confused that wordpress ever made this feature available. Was it some sort of payola?Another thing: a substantial fraction of all computer users randomly move the mouse or click empty spots on the screen while they are engaged in some other activity. Those people will come to loathe your website if you use snap. (This is also the reason why the NYTimes dictionary feature makes me miserable). If you have snap installed, please don’t take this personally. Just stop hurting us.
  2. Websites where the centerpiece scrolls, while the background stays fixed feel like wading through knee-deep mud. I can’t tell if anything is actually slower, but the effect is horrible. I think it only happens with non-uniform backgrounds. If you’re confused, I’m thinking of this as an instance.

2 responses to “Web Design

  1. A lot of people LOVE this functionality. Others HATE it. Before you decide which camp you are in, you should know that there a little more to it than “tiny previews”…



  2. Look, a feature that infuriates half of all users better raise the goddamn dead if it’s going to be justified.

    In all fairness, a few of your examples look reasonable (I could see someone wanting the stock shot). But it strikes me that way Snap works on wordpress is just extremely effective negative advertising.