Political Tidbits

  1. Uncommitted pro-life was the winner in the Louisiana Republican caucuses, followed by John McCain. Odds on a 2008 Republican melt-down, anyone? Read the comments: Ron Paul supports are batshit insane. Marc Ambinder makes an error reporting the results, and the comments thread fills up with “lie..thieves..liars…dishonor..dishonesty..[wondering if Bin Laden is right]….”
  2. There’s been talk that Obama has had unsavory business connections with a Chicago guy named Rezko. Here is a summary of the connections–it is not clear there is anything really worth worrying about (does anyone have worse looking evidence?)
  3. Divergent views about ceilings in the Democratic primary. More evidence that the race is really interesting, but no one has a real clue what’s going on.
  4. Men consistently think they’re smarter than women, factual accuracy be damned. Maybe one day I’ll try and say something about the value of science that confirms the obvious.  The part that isn’t so obvious is that women apparently underestimate their intelligence, and the intelligence of women in general.  I haven’t read the study, so take this with the grain of salt due popular science reporting…
  5. Bill Clinton Gets Angry At Reporter (Again)

    I don’t think this looks good, unlike the last time I showed a video of him. (From Marc Ambinder)
  6. Megan McArdle worries that the Democrats have just started assuming they’ll win in November, so that they’re only focused on each other and the nomination, not the Republicans. Sounds right.

3 responses to “Political Tidbits

  1. Rezko probably has unsavory business connections with dozens of Chicago politicians. Maybe I’m just too from-there but I’ve always read that whole thing as just business as usual.

  2. I have to say, I think Clinton handled himself pretty well. I saw this on CNN when Wolf Blitzer had the reporter Clinton was talking to on, and it just seemed so ridiculously hyped. “CLINTON RIPPS CNN REPORTER NEW ASSHOLE!!!” And then they showed this clip where he basically tells the reporter to talk about things that people care about.

    Personally, I think it is ridiculous how much the dems are tearing each other apart. If I hear another person use the phrase “race card” I will tear my hair out.

  3. That’s roughly the story I heard, Kevin–Rezko is awful, and tries to buy influence, but there’s not a lot of evidence Obama ever rewarded him for his efforts (that’s usually the real question).

    Kathryn–any hope you know where the clip is? Mine obviously lacks the reporter’s initial question.