To and Fro

Obama has been characterizing the Clinton campaign as using unfair or divisive attacks on him. Bill Clinton claims to have a list of 80 attacks Obama has made on Hillary.

Obama’s campaign implied that some of Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy decisions helped exacerbate problems in Pakistan.

The ex-president called the attack “appalling” and said his wife did not try to turn it into a larger issue, but instead “said ‘I disagree’ and moved on.”

So, Obama has made the “appalling attack” that Hillary Clinton’s decisions were bad? Or perhaps the only acceptable attacks would be saying “I think her foreign policy was bad, but it has no consequences?”  To be clear, I think he’s been pretty level headed and honest in his various characterizations of her.  I do hope that he sticks to his rhetoric about keeping the tone of the attacks reasonable.  Disagreement is good, but it would be bad if the infighting was bad in the primary.

On the other hand, this one looks like Clinton is making claims about Obama’s record that are straightforwardly false. (Or their surrogates are referencing drug use–lol obama included).


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