Irregularly Scheduled Link Post

  1. I’ll point out an old profile of Obama by Hank De Zutter. I’m already a fan of his, but I think it’s pretty hard not to be impressed by the way the article paints him.
  2. Huckabee thinks we should create a Palestinian state in Egypt or Saudi Arabia. I see no reason to pull punches. He is probably the stupidest candidate in the race (it’s hardly hyperbole–someone has to win the award, and who else)? Electing him in light of that comment would be like telling Egypt and Saudi Arabia “your women are easy and I would like to kick you in the balls. Love, America.”
  3. James Fallows notes the role of fatigue in campaign trail gaffes, whether real or the kind that are invented by the media (incidentally, I think Hillary Clinton’s gaffe was invented–it shouldn’t hurt her–and while we’re at it, the John Edwards strong leader comment looks completely awful). I’ll just note that our method of electing public officials is fucking crazy. We could use a system that didn’t take public servants out of commission for a year and a half, as well as one that gave important decision-makers more than 3 hours of sleep. The incentives make it so that nothing will change, but plenty of countries with functional democracies have election seasons that don’t last long.

One response to “Irregularly Scheduled Link Post

  1. I have to say, I lost a lot of respect for John Edwards for his “strong leader” comment.

    Additionally, I think that campaigning is ridiculous and should be banned. All candidates who would like to run should compile a dossier of relevant information on issues that should be delivered to every registered voter in America. Then, there should be regular debates on issues of difference in said dossiers. Perhaps there should be one or two a month in the four months leading up to election day. And election day should be a federal holiday. Primaries should consist of similar tactics, but last for four months starting eight months before election day. Campaign ads should be banned with the exception of non-partisan ads listing relevant issues on which candidates differ and stressing the public duty citizens have to vote in a Democracy.

    That’s how things would be if I got to wave my magic wand.