Bloomberg is Uninteresting

This NYTimes article on Bloomberg’s presidential ambitions is a few days old, but I liked this quote about Bloomberg too much to ignore it:

“Privately, Mr. Bloomberg’s supporters and advisers say that the mayor’s stances on a few hot-button issues are beside the point. His large personal fortune and ability to self-finance a campaign, they argue, would insulate him from the demands of special-interest groups, allowing him to serve as an honest broker in the White House, much as he has in City Hall.”

The argument from billionaire to honest broker is a bit rushed, I’d say. The gist of the article is that he doesn’t have many policy positions that distinguish him from the democratic candidates in the race.

I should say that I don’t know one way or another if Bloomberg would make a good president–certainly he has fewer strikes against him than a lot of the candidates in the race. To the extent that he might promote government accountability, transparency, etc, that’d be great–I don’t know if he could follow through on that or not. But none of this adds up to a compelling reason for a third party campaign.


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