The Secret Mexico-Pakistan Alliance

Tyler Cowen recently asked what the value of being the most intellectual candidate in the race was for Obama, noting the Woodrow Wilson was one of our most intellectual presidents. That difficult question aside, I think it’s clear that being the dumbest candidate in the race is bad news. It usually takes more than one quote to win the accolade, but Huckabee is really trying here:

But Mike Huckabee, the leading Republican in polls of Iowa caucusgoers, found himself on the defensive on Friday, trying to clarify earlier remarks in which he said the chaos in Pakistan underscored the need to build a fence on the American border with Mexico, and that “any unusual activity of Pakistanis coming into the country” should be monitored. A series of misstatements in discussing the issue could buttress criticism that Mr. Huckabee has faced from his opponents that he lacked experience on foreign policy. (NYTimes)

Followup: Matthew Yglesias has a different case where Huckabee’s foreign policy gaffe is no such thing.


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