Among the many sad facts I’ve learned recently, I’d have to count that if you tell people a rumor, then give them reliable, verifiable information telling them that it’s false, their opinions are still affected by the rumor.  So that’s why it’s a little disheartening to see Obama refuting rumors that RUDY GIULIANI SLEEPS WITH PIGS. Well, he doesn’t, and that’s not the rumor that Obama actually refuted, but MITT ROMNEY IS A SERIAL LIAR (that one is completely true).  Seriously, it’s shameful that Obama has to spend all this time refuting rumors like HUCKABEE IS A FUCKING LUNATIC (true again, actually)–he complained about how nice the prisoners were treated at Guantanamo.  The Huckabee story was really unsettling, since I’d often thought that Huckabee seemed like a decent human being, albeit one I’d rather not see as president.  Instead he just whored himself to the “all torture is good torture” wing of the Republican party. 


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