Fun on the Tubes

So I’ll give my contribution to the best posts on the internet: John Holbo’s Comment spam, me? Ha! This must be one of your human jokes!, which is perhaps the funniest and most insightful thing about comment spam I’ve seen. The topic lends itself to repeatedly pointing out the obvious, but this post is quite good.

On another note, there’s a competition to come up with the best two word phrase that gets no results on Google when quoted. Entries should be ordinary words combined in an interesting way (so haeccitic kittens would be bad). I thought “nickelback masterpiece” was a good shot, but it instead was a googlewhack–it gets exactly one result until such time as this post is indexed (which will allow me to find out how much Google cares about me). Leave anything you find in the comment thread, if you don’t feel up to contributing in the big leagues at the original competition.

Update: If you came here by googling “nickelback masterpiece” what the hell were you doing? There’s only one interesting question about Nickelback. Bad band or the worst band? These are the sort of people who use the phrase “she’s just a woman” in a song about domestic violence.


One response to “Fun on the Tubes

  1. Maybe they were wondering about one of Troy Brown’s games.