The Joys that Lie Ahead

It’s gauche to talk about jobs when you’re just a second year, but I can’t help but appreciate the delightful collective irrationality pointed out by Mark Van Roojen in a leiter thread on hiring:

It seems like we can learn two things about cover letters from this thread. (1) If you’re looking for a job paying some attention to tailoring a cover letter is a good idea because some people take such letters seriously (whether they ought to or not). And (2) if you’re hiring you should disregard cover letters because a pro forma cover letter is not evidence either of lack of interest or of a lack of common sense on the part of the candidate since the standard advice at many places is not to worry about cover letters.


2 responses to “The Joys that Lie Ahead

  1. Actually, they put you on probation for talking about jobs before defending a prospectus. You’ve been warned, mister!

  2. hyperpapeterie

    It’s for my own protection.