Depressing News About Ethanol

The other day at the GetGo, I was struck by the sight of E-85 ethanol fuel being $2.70 for a gallon as opposed to $3.10 for regular unleaded. That’s really bad–I’ve heard that the most consistently pursued activity at the EPA these days is lying about the environmental benefits of ethanol, but honest folk seem to think that there’s at most a 10% reduction in CO2 emissions. So if, and this is a big if, ethanol prices stay substantially lower than gas prices, then ethanol will just be a nice way of sustaining CO2 output, since people will no longer have to alter their driving habits in the face of $4.00 gas. Incidentally, here’s an article blaming high food prices and potential food supply instability on the use of biofuels. Whee!

On another GetGo related note, heh:



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