Basketball Season Coming Up

The first UNC game is on November 14th against Davidson. This should be fun both because Davidson should be good this year with Stephen Curry, and because it’s Miss Lady’s alma mater (dare I irrelevantly mention that she carves a nice jack o-lantern?).

Duke is mysteriously ranked at #11 in the ESPN poll. I have two theories for this: the voters overrated Duke’s eighth in the nation recruiting class or they figured that losing McRoberts to the NBA would just be cutting deadweight. In any case, I call Duke overrated–they’ll finish in the low part of the top 25 or unranked this season. I’d like them to stay good, though, since it would be no fun beating up on a weak team year after year (and in truth, I don’t think there’s much danger of it, Coach K. is too good for that). NC State is also in the top 25–I wouldn’t mind seeing them edge out Duke.

In the interests of fairness, I’ll admit that UNC may be too highly ranked. It’s hard to be anything else when you’re the pre-season #1.

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