Condoleeza Rice is Almost Awesome

If you’ve been confused about Israel’s striking targets within Syria, Matthew Yglesias forwards the short version. Don’t trust Israel, because only the crazy people in the administration do. It seems that once again, Dick Cheney leads one faction, which believes that the intelligence Israel provided the United States justifies Israel’s action and a hard-line US posture towards Syria. Condoleeza Rice thinks there’s nothing there.

My opinion of Condoleeza Rice hasn’t been favorably impacted by her role in this administration, but I will put forth a small conjecture. There has never been any major issue on which Condoleeza Rice and Dick Cheney disagreed where it would have been sane to back Cheney over Rice. My complaint about her is that she really didn’t spend enough time disagreeing with him.

2 responses to “Condoleeza Rice is Almost Awesome

  1. Conoleeza Rice wasn’t the right person for the job. She’s a great adviser because in that capacity she can stay back stage and disagree with the Admin and raise hell doing it. As Secretary of State, she can’t – for political reasons – come out and blast Cheney or Bush on foreign policy blunders.

  2. hyperpapeterie

    Well it’s not clear that there’s room for an advisor to this administration who sits back and blasts them. They mostly go in for yes-men. The good news is that at the level she is at, Bush often agrees with her instead of Cheney. The bad news is that this only goes so far in the direction of a reasonable foreign policy.