A Practical Tip

I went to the delightful Japanese grocery store down the street today in search of Kimchi and took the opportunity to ask if I could put up a flyer for our go club. The clerk behind the counter directed me to the owners in the back, and asked if I had the flyer with me.

Conversation: [Japanese I don’t understand] [looking over the flyer] ah! igo! [more Japanese] “Go ahead, put it up.”

They thought I was saying golf. Understandably, the average Japanese grocery store has little reason to make room for golf club flyers.

So in similar situations, swallow your fear of being pretentious and use the native word (Igo, Baduk, Wei’chi).

In addition to Kimchi, we also got something which will merit discussion once it has been eaten.


One response to “A Practical Tip

  1. Nice idea. We can do the same thing here in Russia. Maybe they will agree to accept our flyers