Nouvelles (In Which I Hopefully Get Rid of All My Blog-Bitching for the Next Six Months)

I just finished the second week of the new semester and I am distressingly busy. This is partly a result of indecision, as I’m signed up for four courses instead of the normal three. That’s on top of TAing, which in the vein of Hofstadter’s law, seems likely to take much more of my time and energy than I’d expected. Luckily, I feel like I’m going to enjoy it, and that if I really get lucky, I might do a good job.

My courses are Practical Knowledge with Michael Thompson, which will primarily focus on Anscombe’s Intention, Bob Brandom’s seminar on his own Making It Explicit, Steve Engstrom’s course on Kant’s theory of judgment, and Anil Gupta’s seminar on perception. If that doesn’t sound like so much, let me plead that Thursdays start with a lecture at 10:00 and end with Kant from 7:00-9:30.

There’s also the go club, which we’re trying to get better organized, by planning a tournament, doing publicity, recruiting people, and collaborating with the Sewickley folk. This has yet to take up too much of my time, because we’re very disorganized and everything moves glacially (so if we succeed in organizing, I end up with less time?). Finally, through some sort of mistake, I’ve been made the computer person for the Pitt graduate students, even though I’m obviously unsuited for the job.

The good news is that I found out that Pittsburgh has a lot more cool films being shown than I’d realized, including 16 Janus Films being shown between September 21st and October 4th. Some of this will definitely be consumed, whether or not I can justify sparing the time.


One response to “Nouvelles (In Which I Hopefully Get Rid of All My Blog-Bitching for the Next Six Months)

  1. When Megan told me you’d been hanging out at the go club, I thought she meant some Pittsburgh reincarnation of the old Chapel Hill Go! Club. I never knew you played Go, but it seems like you’re just the sort of smart guy for the game.