Qwantz Interpretation

I’m saddened to find out that I misinterpreted this comic. When T-Rex says “Now, I myself am a tremendomeatatarian, which means that I only eat meat that I find to be tremendously delicious,” I took him to be saying that he was like a vegetarian, but with an exception for tremendously delicious meat. I thought that made a lot of sense given the etymology of ‘tremendomeatarian’. It makes a little bit less sense in light of the fact that, biologically speaking, T-Rex should be carnivorous. Finally, it is proven wrong as an interpretation by T-Rex’s later comment about the “golly gosh-darn scurvy.”

The especially frustrating part is that I’ve been going around preaching the gospel of tremendomeatarianism to various random acquaintances. Not only would a new name undermine those efforts, the past thirty minutes of wracking my brain suggests that no new name is forthcoming.


4 responses to “Qwantz Interpretation

  1. Actually, you’re missing out on a way to save your interpretation: T-Rex might be a tremendomeatatarian in your sense, but just find all meat tremendously delicious, or enough meat that he can eat meat more or less all the time (except for fruits and vegetables insofar as their consumption is necessary to prevent scurvy and other suchlike problems). The other dinosaur, then, simply takes it as obvious that T-Rex is going to find all or mostly all meat “tremendously delicious,” and that T-Rex would prefer meat over other kinds of food (also compatible with tremendomeatatarianism on your original interpretation).

  2. hyperpapeterie

    You’re right. The essential question isn’t what T-Rex does, but whether he regards the eating of vegetables as something which should be avoided (on prudential, ethical, aesthetic or preferential grounds).

  3. Damn you, quantifier scope! Damn you!

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