This evening I’m too tired to do anything beyond point you to three links. One discusses the drug eradication program in Afghanistan, arguing that targeting the opium farmers is a good way to create chaos. It’s worth reading regardless of your opinion on the legality of drugs, since it has a moral both for the wisdom of enforcement and the method of enforcement. Another concerns the causes of suicide bombings. Finally, it turns out that alumni donations to colleges are heavily correlated with the age of the child–they peak in the years prior to the child’s application (from the same page, more evidence that file sharing doesn’t hurt sales).

I’ll be getting busier as the semester stars, and posts like this make me wonder if I should just cash in the blog and direct you all to my page. For more on the theory of this (especially if you yourself keep a blog) try this Fred Stutzman post on “in between” places.


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  1. You could set up a blogroll like I’ve got. That way no one notices when you don’t post for a week.

  2. s/blog/link/

    I is internet-smart