Turbulence Ahead

I’ve wanted to read some of the new atheists for a while now, but this letter to Nature suggests I might not enjoy the experience. It really is unclear what train of thought led Harris to write the letter as he did. Of those writers about whom I know the most, Dawkins, Hitchens and Harris, my gut sense is that they have a very impoverished or unrealistic vision of human life. I suspect the ways in which they’ll go wrong will provide little comfort to targets of their books, but will also ensure that none of their recent writings will have any long-term interest.

Of course, this is a pre-reading review, so veritas cum grano salis, y’hear? (Hat-tip: macht).

Update: When it’s late at night and I think no one is watching, I sometimes look at the authors’ talks Google hosts.  There was a video of Christopher Hitchens, and everything I wrote above is accurate in his case.


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