The Vegetarian’s Big Mac™

As if to make up for any cred I might gain with my impending trip to a Michelin starred restaurant, my subconscious made me remember a favorite sandwich from the Skylight Exchange in Chapel Hill/Carrboro.

Vegetarian Summer Sandwich

Italian bread (or any light bread, really-preferably crusty)

Tomato, Lettuce, Red onion, Cucumber slices

Cream Cheese

Ranch Dressing

However, you shouldn’t make it yourself until you’ve had it at the Skylight Exchange. The first time I made one for myself in Pittsburgh, it ended up sad and unsatisfying. Thinking back to the times I’d enjoyed it in my ancestral land, the culprit was easy to identify. Every decent part of me had rebelled at the sheer quantity of fattening white quasi-liquids contained in the sandwich. But this sandwich isn’t about decency. It’s the vegetarian equivalent of a Big Mac.


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