Agent Smith: “We’ve found some…irregularities in your party registration.”

The RNC has been sending out fundraising letters warning voters about “irregularities” in their party registration.  While a good look at the letters suggests that they’re not illegal, you wonder what genius thought it was a good idea to make RNC fundraising letters sound like they were sent by the inquisition.  Do the Republicans actively want people to think of them as the IRS party?


One response to “Agent Smith: “We’ve found some…irregularities in your party registration.”

  1. Fear is a powerful motivator, my friend.

    I will respond to your facebook wall post now!

    I live in New York! You are correct! How did this happen, you wonder?? Well, I’ll tell you: quickly and possibly without enough forethought. Brooklyn is big, but I haven’t gotten shot yet. All is well.

    Oddly enough, I also once dreamed that UNC had a train system. It was a steam engine, the size of a kiddie train ride at the state fair, and all the big frat guys and linebackers had to scrunch themselves in, but I fit perfectly. It was Carolina blue with white trim and gold lettering. Of course, this was a conscious fantasy and not a dream. But I’ve never pretended that my fantasy world isn’t obnoxiously cute and vaguely British, so I shan’t excuse myself for that.

    Also, I have a blog.