Waiting For Petraeus

The latest worry among progressive bloggers is that the Congress will not have done anything about the situation in Iraq by the time of General Petraeus’s September report, and that a somewhat positive report will then paralyze them. Such a scenario could easily set back actual progress (movement towards withdrawal) by a year or more. The underlying fact is that any positive report will be a crock, consisting of either lies or selective reporting. From what I understand, General Petraeus is a genuinely talented individual and not a political animal in the way that most members of the Bush Administration are. But using Lewis’s semantics for counterfactuals, it is true that if he produced a positive report, then he would be a hack.

In general, this dynamic highlights a real political problem–the fact that our nation’s decision makers are split into two camps. One holds a great many of its decisions hostage to high profile reports put out by various government agencies. The other doesn’t give a damn about those reports and whether or not they are accurate, but is nevertheless largely in control of how those reports turn out. This is a reasonable policy when those reports are from disinterested agencies and on subjects which are largely out of the public eye. In the case at hand, it seems like Iraq is a hot topic, and a few people who know something have already told us it’s going badly.


4 responses to “Waiting For Petraeus

  1. John Armendariz

    Progressives, (Liberal Leftist), worry about nothing as Congress was not to do anything until Gen. Petraeus’ reported back to Congress on 15 SEPT 2997.

    Their real worry is that the “Surge”, is achieving progress on the ground and will likely result in a successful completion by Gen. Petraeus and Our Troops !!

    Since Progressives have been advocating a pull out and defeat, they now realize that they have more than egg on their faces. They must now face the truth and suffer the consequences at their next election, in which true Americans, will remember them fondly.

    **** JArmy ****
    John Armendariz
    Imperial Beach, CA., 91932

    God Bless the USA & Our Troops

  2. John Armendariz

    Please correct date to, 15 SEPT 2007.

  3. John Armendariz

    Progressives, (Liberals, Leftist), worru about nothing as Congress wa not to do anything until Gen. Petraeus reported back to Congress on 15 SEPT 2007.

  4. hyperpapeterie

    I’m pretty sure Gates brought his framed picture of a Hillary-Marx-Osama group hug to the briefing.