Go Congress

Posting should be light for the next week. I’m headed to the Go Congress in Millersville, PA. Almost 500 players from the United States, Canada, Japan and the rest of the world will be there. The natural thing would be to post about how I get myself in the right state of mind for a weeklong go convention including the US Open. Unfortunately my method of preparation consisted of ignoring go for almost past three weeks, playing only two games in the past eight days, and changing my travel plans because moving from Squirrel Hill took twice as long as I expected it to. I’m going to bring 1001 life and death problems to get a little warm-up before my 9:00 AM game on Sunday.

I’ll have my computer and wireless at the congress, but I’m going there to play, not blog. I’m also planning to write a post expressing my very important views on McDowell’s Mind and World, but you can’t rush that sort of thing.


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