Why Doesn’t America Love Us?

Shortly after the last post, I noticed that Iran is ‘considering‘ more high level talks with the United States, and I saw another hole in Hillary’s rhetoric. While there is sometimes a danger that a foreignt leader will use diplomatic talks as a propaganda victory, it’s not as if the leaders of Iran or Syria are typically dying to talk with the United States. The reason that we’re worrying about engaging in talks with these nations is that they don’t like us. The current dynamic with Iran is that Ahmadinejad uses any hostile rhetoric coming from the United States to prop himself up, hoping that nationalist sentiment among Iranians will cause them to forget domestic concerns (does that sound familiar?).  Hat-tip: Juan Cole.


One response to “Why Doesn’t America Love Us?

  1. A very good point. The failed leadership of countries always blame the failed leadership of other countries for the overall failure. We all have to take this into account when we vote.

    Here in the US I hope my fellow citizens will join me in voting against the two parties of the apocalypse, vote for anyone NOT a dem or repub!

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer