The Curious Incident of the WMDs in the Night-time

To my mind, it’s a bit odd that we’re rehashing of the debate over whether Bush et. al. lied about WMDs in Iraq. Haven’t all the sane people made up their minds? But however pointless it may be, Andrew Sullivan points out a really telling piece of evidence: that despite claims about Iraq’s WMDs, we displayed substantial indifference to weapons sites in the immediate post-invasion period. Instead of being protected, like the oil fields, we let them be looted, like everything else in Iraq.


2 responses to “The Curious Incident of the WMDs in the Night-time

  1. Snowclone! The original “curious incident” line seems to be from a Sherlock Holmes novel. Just found that out over the weekend. The incident is that the dog did not bark.

  2. hyperpapeterie

    It’s a fun one. I can’t remember what prompted it, but I reread the Sherlock Holmes story a few months ago to have the background on the snowclone.

    I’m not sure how much snowclone status it has, though. “Curious incident of the” gets 660k google hits, “Curious incident of the” -dog gets 20k. Maybe it’s an up and coming snowclone.