Please to not exercise your creativity

I went to a go tournament in D.C. this weekend, but I’ll reserve comment until later, as it only sets the stage. While driving back to Pittsburgh on I-76, I was behind a pickup with a bumper sticker reading Gun Control Is Racist. Several hours later, I still don’t get it.


3 responses to “Please to not exercise your creativity

  1. Hey, remember that time that I beat you ten times in a row because you beat me once? Remember it, because it’s never going to happen again.

  2. i think most guns are black, so if the government restricts the use of guns then they are basically devaluing blacks.

  3. That losing streak probably explains a great deal of something or other.

    In related news, I dropped two straight to a Korean fellow in our local club. One might note that he issued no taunts, perhaps because he didn’t need to.