A schedule

It’s almost exactly a year since I last posted a harrowing schedule of my activities for the upcoming several weeks, so for tradition’s sake, I might as well let you know what’s happening.

  • November 6th: Presentation of Projectivism about laws of nature
  • November 8th: Presentation on Michael Dummett’s article “Realism”
  • November 9th: Philosophy of Science paper on something somehow connected to causation or reduction
  • November 13th: Paper for metaphysics, which will probably be on projectivism
  • November 16th: Presentation on Kuhn’s “Revolutions as Changes of World View” and probable paper on lack of theoretical unity in science (how did this happen?!)
  • November 23nd: Probable paper on the topic of scientific change
  • December 11th: Final short paper in metaphysics
  • December 13th: Short paper for M&E core
  • December 13th: 4000–7000 word paper for Philosophy of Cognitive Science

The two saving graces are that the philosophy of science papers are usually just 1000 words, and I have a topic for cognitive science that is quite exciting. I’m writing on Stich’s argument that the simulation theory blocks arguments for eliminativism. For that paper, I’m looking at his books From Folk Psychology to Cognitive Science and Mindreading (with Sean Nichols), the latter of which is an all-time favorite. Nevertheless, this hurts.


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