Did I say I’d write about Pittsburgh? That was silly of me—I have nothing to say. Nevertheless, a promise is a thing which you halfheartedly fulfill the day after you said that you would. If you’re smart, you realize that your promise lead to an unutterably

Since arriving, I have lived a hermit-like life, in hopes that the absence of human company would motivate me to seek friendship among the various cleaning supplies and use them to clean things just as God intended it to be. You all know just how much that happened.

Apartment roundup. The bad:

  • Most electrical outlets are controlled by the light switches, which makes it an unsafe environment for computers and alarm clocks.
  • Limited kitchen counter-space, poor outlet placement.
  • I can’t get the handle of the gas stove, even though I know gas is preferred by like, anyone who knows how to cook. That doesn’t help me if I can’t get the temperature anywhere in between off and inferno.
  • The shower has the same deal. Tiny tiny range in between cold and scalding.

The ambiguous:

  • Things aren’t dilapidated, but they do have interesting geometrical properties. (If you’re wondering, that was taken with the built in camera on my MacBook, which gives things a slight sepia-tinge even with three lights and three open windows, unless they are less than three inches from the screen. Also I suck with taking pictures.)

The good:

  • I guess I like it here. It’s relaxed, and spacious, and the roommate seems cool.

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