[Updated and reposted]

I’m afraid the upcoming weeks are certainly going to suck.

Oct 25th Philosophy of Language Paper
Oct 25th Algebra Homework
Oct 27th GRE
Oct 31st Paper on Benjamin
Nov 1st Bastard gave us Algebra Homework for the day before the test
Nov 2nd Algebra Test
Nov 4th Writing Degree Zero
Nov 7th Mythologies
Nov 8th Algebra Homework (maybe)
Nov 9th Draft of my thesis
Nov 16th Thesis Defense

Pretty much everything takes a backseat to the Thesis.


5 responses to “Schedule

  1. Don’t forget Megtoberfest…

  2. The schedule is a list of painful or work-intensive obligations of mine. Megtoberfest doesn’t fit the bill, though its existence doesn’t make fulfilling those obligations any easier.

    Be warned: although you do not deign to identify yourself, I can logically infer that you are one of approximately 60 people, attendees of megtoberfest, and a few well-placed insiders who might know about it despite non-attendance.

  3. At least you’re still going…*sigh of relief*…i need my justin-time.

  4. way to drastically narrow down the list, ms. i-need-my-justin-time

  5. I don’t set out to drastically narrow down lists.

    I hate narrow lists. More than anything.