Law of Unintended Consequences

Yesterday evening I left my computer with ITS and today I retrieved something that has a new hard drive. I’m not sure it’s my computer because I was missing three arrow keys, and this thing has a new keyboard, so there’s no tactile resemblance. When I left mine there was a burzum cd in it and this thing came with a burzum cd, but they could be just that devious.

In this time of new beginnings, I’m starting over with Firefox. I also suspect I won’t be reading Salon anymore. I was already falling off of the bandwagon, but with adblock, I now have to go to salon, disable adblock, watch a stupid advertisement to get the site pass and then turn adblock on again before going about my reading. So goodbye dear Salon, you’ve been a faithful companion these 6 years, but we all must die. Even eclectic left of center webmags with steadily deteriorating content.


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