Whatever happened to my underload? I was supposed to take three courses my final semester.

PHIL      109        PHIL PROB PSYCH            LEC     3.0                  13821 001  T        12:30PM-03:00PM KNOBE, JOSHUA

Josh Knobe is one of the big guys in experimental philosophy, and he’s new here in the department, and he just came and visited phil club and he’s totally awesome. Unless the course description ends up being something ridiculously weird, rabid wolves couldn’t stop me from taking this course.

PHIL      305        SYSTEMATIC PHIL            LEC     3.0                   09559 001  W        03:30PM-06:00PM REEVE, C D

Ancient Philosophy is a requirement for graduation, but I’ll sign up for an independent study and take this course on Plato as a substitute, assuming I’ve correctly identified what this is (I can’t sign up for it directly because it’s 300 level).

PHIL      240        PHILOSOPHY OF MIND         LEC     3.0                   13968 001  T        03:30PM-06:00PM LYCAN, W G

Philosophy of Mind with Bill Lycan?! Unless it’s an entire semester on consciousness, the rabid wolves don’t stand a chance. It’s 200 level, so they won’t let me sign up directly. Am I allowed to take two independent studies?

MATH      181        INTRO TOPOLOGY             LEC     3.0                    07298 001  MWF      11:00AM-11:50AM BELKALE, PRAKAS
MATH      187        GROUPS AND FIELDS          LEC     3.0                    07299 001  TR       09:30AM-10:45AM EBERLEIN, P

Did I ever mention that the math department schedules classes the way Satan would? I could take either or neither of these, depending on how I’m feeling next semester.

LING      137        SEMANTICS                  LEC     3.0                     07051 001  TR       03:30PM-04:45PM TERRY, JULES, M

If I’ve underestimated the rabid wolves, this looks pretty. I’m sure not having ever taken a linguistics course won’t be a problem.

Then there’s bowling. Oh, did I mention that I definitely have a natural sciences perspective left, and possibly, pending the results of a conversation with the study abroad advisor, a social sciences perspective to fulfill? *Hates*


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